We as a hospital care strive hard to maintain a proper service for our patients. Accountability is one such thing. All the staff members adhere to the policies and procedures that been designed by the TOH. They disclose the personal details only by following the guidelines of the TOH. All the security and privacy is taken into consideration. Any violation in such activities may lead to the discrimination of the hospital policies and the procedures. Any breach that may affect the privacy of our patient by the health professional may be informed to their respective colleges.

For any kind of breach that is happened the TOH staff members should inform the privacy officer or the manager. The patients should be informed of the inappropriate disclosure of the data and violation in the privacy act. A privacy officer is appointed for preventing the data getting disclosed .TOH is that in which the data that is getting transferred to the third party and in getting prevented. Agreements that are under contract are considered to prevent any kind of leak in personal data.

Purpose of disclosing the data

Disclosure of personal information data may happen because of the below reasons. This may include

  • Patient care
  • In order to research and collect the statistics
  • To comply with the rules and procedures

All the employees who even have the access for the data can open the details only on need to know basis. That is their database will be checked and the violation in any of this may lead to the termination of the employee.

Consent of the patient matters for the disclosure in that data. If any kind of data disclosure except the health care expenses consent matters.

There are certain situations where the information is shared without the consent of the patient. This may include

  • When there is a time constrain to collect the information with the consent.
  • When the quality of the service is to get improved on immediate basis.