vivity lens in albuquerque

Are Vivity Lenses Worth It?

If you are like most people, your eyesight is the one thing that never changes. It’s just a fact of life. But there are plenty of reasons why some people might want to change the shape, width, or coloring of their irises. If you’re looking for a new look with your own eyes, consider Vivity lenses.

What They Are

vivity lens in albuquerque are designed to cover both eye colors so that they can be either brown or green depending on what color contact lenses you put in over them.

How They Work

Essentially you wear an outer lens, usually made of silicone hydrogel, which are thinner and more comfortable to wear than traditional contact lenses. This is what gives your eyes a different color. Inside the thin covering is a tinted color ring that is purely cosmetic but nonetheless changes the appearance of your eyes.

Who They’re For

To be clear, these lenses are not corrective in any way whatsoever so they’re strictly for cosmetic use. You won’t see better or have more depth of vision. They are also recommended for people with astigmatism under -2.00. The company suggests that people with a higher degree of vision correction should check their eyes with their doctor before ordering.


Vivity lenses are designed to last for one year and the company claims that they can be safely used for up to eight months after you first put them in your eyes and then discarded after the year is up, so long as you store them properly between uses.

Eye Conditions

If you suffer from dry eyes or any sort of recurring eye infection, it’s recommended that you avoid wearing Vivity lenses. The company claims they are made with a sterile saline that keeps your eyes hydrated and safe, but it’s still best to ask your doctor first.

Colors Available

It seems like there are three different colors of Vivity lenses: blue, grey and green. Blue is the easiest to color match and is available in every shade of blue you can imagine, ranging from a sky-blue to an iridescent electric blue. The grey variety comes in more natural shades while the green lenses are more vibrant.


Each pair of Vivity lenses (doesn’t matter what color) costs $59, which is reasonable depending on how often you wear contact lenses and for how long.

Where to Buy

There are multiple websites in which you can buy Vivity lenses. The company offers a 120-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.


On the whole, Vivity lenses seem like a good option for those of us who want to change the color of our eyes without covering them up with unattractive traditional contact lenses or invasive surgery.