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    Different types of cases that fall under family court

    The legal services are divided into many types one among them is family legal services. Usually, if you ask someone what does the family lawyers work is then the common answer you will receive from them is they deal with divorce cases. But that is only one of the activities which they handle along with them they have many other family cases which they have to deal with. Some of those cases are child support attorney. It is not compulsory that all the family lawyers will take up entire family cases. There will be some of the best at one type of family case and some might be masters of all the types of family cases. Let us look into some of the cases which are handled by the family lawyer.

    • Divorce lawyers: The people who have already gone through the process of divorce may very well understand what divorce lawyers do. They are the people who will be along with you from the start till the final settlement. They will try doing the settlement in such a way that you will be benefited the most. They help you to discuss who will get the house, which is going to pay the alimony, and how the assets will be divided among each other. In most cases, the divorce lawyers try to settle the case without any trial but in few cases, they have to go for trials, and there they will represent you.

    child support attorney

    • Child custody and paternity lawyers: The lawyers will also help the both mother and the father in the case of paternity. The first issue that the lawyer can help you with in the case of paternity is the support from the father. There can be two issues one is father has realized that he is paying for the kid who is not from him or the father is not paying child support even though the kid is biologically his. The lawyers can also help in planning the parenting after separation. Like who is going to take care of what things, for what expenses both the parents are responsible and for what only one of them is responsible, etc. They can also help in getting sole custody if that is better for the child.
    • Family law lawyers dealing with abuse: The domestic or child abuse case is taken very seriously by the family lawyers. They can help a child or the parent who has been abused to file a case against them. The lawyer can help them to get compensation to meet the expenses that occurred for medical recovery. The lawyer will also help another way like if the person has not committed any such crime. They can help to prove that the person has not abused the child or the spouse. 


    Hope this information will help you to gain knowledge about what all family lawyers deal with.