Importance of t shirt printing

There is anyone in this world who doesn’t know what a t-shirt or t-shirt is.  Yes, this fashion item called t-shirt because it resembles the letter t is a mandatory “uniform” especially among young people in their daily lives, especially at casual events.  There are already many t shirt printing company singapore and have various advantages of their respective products..

One of the things that makes us like wearing this t-shirt fashion item is because it is comfortable, absorbs sweat, and increases self-confidence because this type of clothing never goes out of fashion.  Well, here is another function of screen printing shirts that is wider than just perfecting the appearance:

  1. Promotion

At the launch of a new product, which of course aims to seek large-scale publicity, we certainly see everyone at the launching event wearing a screen-printed t-shirt with the logo of the product in question.  So t-shirts can be an effective promotional tool.

  1. Promotion of discounts and bonuses

Screen printing t-shirts can also be a means of direct promotion to customers about special offers organized by a store.  Shop assistants wearing promotional t-shirts will make it easier for customers to get information about sales or discounts.

  1. Gifts

 A t-shirt printed with a photo of someone you love can be an acute, unique, and impressive gift.


  1. Celebration

 At celebration events, especially communities, organizations, or associations, we can also design screen printing t-shirts with themes related to the event.  In addition to making the event more festive, these t-shirts can also be memorable memories.

  1. Unity

For sports teams, the d is to wear a team shirt with a screen printing of the team logo when competing.  In addition to making it easier for us to identify our team during a competition, wearing a uniform can also raise cohesiveness and the spirit of team togetherness.

Those are some of the other functions of screen printing shirts apart from being a comfortable casual outfit for everyday wear.

As for the type of material that can be used to make screen printing t-shirts, generally, it is a fabric with a cotton base.  Then there is also carded cotton with fairly fine fibre.  The next type of fabric is bamboo cotton with smooth and even characteristics.  In addition, some fabrics are a mixture of cotton, polyester and rayon, namely tri-blend cotton.  Each type of material used has its advantages.  You can choose the type of material that best suits your needs.