Top Things to Know When Buying Hot Yoga Mats and Accessories

Getting the best yoga mats for the first time may surely be the complicated task. But, with a bit of research and effort, you will find the best hot yoga accessories to do. Here we have mentioned some important qualities that you have to search for in the yoga mat as beginner. Choose quality over price and quantity. Spend good budget to get the long-lasting, durable, comfortable, as well as sustainable yoga mat to initiate your perfect yoga sessions.


Generally, basic 1/8 inch of thick and plain solid-color of PVC yoga mat will come at a low end of price range. And from there you can pay more for the patterns, logos or designs; antimicrobial treatments; premium thickness; as well as cool textures, particularly raised tactile patterns. The eco-friendly hot yoga mats are high end of this price range.

Style and Comfort

When you have narrowed down your choices by material, thickness, stickiness, texture, eco-friendliness, and cost, there is just one factor: style! Thus, go ahead and choose the favorite color, print or pattern. After all, you are going to see most of it in the downward dog.


Why it is important: Practicing on the yoga mat will end up clogging the landfill for years to come troublesome. Earth-friendly hot yoga mats are generally made from recycled or natural rubber. The yoga mats might include natural materials, like organic cotton or jute.

Basic buying guide: Suppose eco-friendliness is very important for you, then you must avoid the yoga mats made from PVC (traditional sticky mat) that doesn’t break down in the landfills as well as is costly and difficult to recycle. The rubber, cotton, and jute yoga mats, whereas available in a wide range of thicknesses, generally tend to be slicker and thicker than the PVC mats. You will get the yoga mat, which is eco-friendly and has the thickness, which meets your requirements for portability and comfort, and has the texture (like raised geometric pattern), which prevents the slippage.


Majority of the mats that are available today are made from TPE material that is a fine category in the yoga mats.