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What are the uses of bone density scans?

A bone density scan, also known as a DEXA scan, is a way to determine the risk of breaking a bone. It is used to diagnose bone-related health problems such as osteoporosis. A bone density scan also measures the number of bones, fat, and muscle in the body. Find out the bone density scan in Millburn, NJ, which has well-skilled technicians and physicians.

This scan is done on a routine base where one gets to study the scan research of children and adults. Through this, one can understand how a bone works and how it can work for.

Identifying bone problems

This is not a simple x-ray, but this one can identify and measure tiny deductions in bone density and makes it possible to diagnose osteoporosis at an early stage before you get into serious injuries.

This scan uses a low dose of radiation which has no health risks to what you can find in standard X-rays.

Doctors even use these results of bone density scans to decide what type of treatment is needed for the problem.

This also helps you improve your bone health with third changing lifestyle such as:

  1. Eating a healthy, balanced diet that’s high in calcium
  2. Spending more time in the sun to help increase your levels of vitamin D
  3. Regularly doing weight-bearing exercises, such as walking or running

These can recommend if you have an increased risk of bone problems like osteoporosis.

The risk increases due to the following reasons:

  1. Have had a broken bone after a minor fall or injury.
  2. Have a health condition, such as arthritis that can lead to low bone density.
  3. Have been taking oral glucocorticoids for 3 months or more – glucocorticoids are used to treat inflammation but can also cause weakened bones.
  4. Are you a woman who has had an early menopause, or have you had your ovaries removed at a young age (before 45) and have not had hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?
  5. Are you a postmenopausal woman who smokes or drinks heavily, has a family history of hip fractures, or has a body mass index (BMI) of less than 21?
  6. Are a woman and have significant gaps between periods (more than a year).

Therefore, try and find the best bone density scan in Millburn so that your problem can be found early and you can get the best treatment.