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Let’s know about klarisana

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medicine that has been safely used for decades and is now emerging as a highly effective treatment for a variety of difficult illnesses, including:

  • The melancholy that is impervious to treatment (Major burdensome issue)
  • Post-horrible pressure problem (PTSD) is a sort of tension sickness that happens (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Pain that lasts a long time

Is Ketamine Effective for OCD?

The five sites of Klarisana in the United States specialize in intramuscular ketamine treatment. Those suffering from mental illnesses such as OCD increasingly accept and popularise ketamine treatment. While scientists continue to investigate how and why ketamine treatment is so beneficial, society and our communities are beginning to recognize its therapeutic and positive impacts.

Is Ketamine treatment harmful?

Yes. Ketamine is a safe anesthetic routinely used in various healthcare settings since it does not affect a patient’s respiration. At, they employ sub-anesthetic dosages of ketamine to keep you aware and able to communicate during your treatment. A provider will continually watch you through a live video stream, and you will have a direct means to request that they join you in the room.

Is ketamine effective in the treatment of addiction?

Several studies are now underway to see how ketamine helps treat various illnesses, including substance misuse problems. So far, the findings have backed up what many ketamine treatment advocates and clinicians already believe: that ketamine therapy for addiction can be a highly effective strategy to achieve long-term recovery.

PTSD ketamine treatment

Ketamine treatment is a transforming experience that helps patients change their relationship with their traumatic experiences by “resetting” their subconscious minds. There was a participant in recent IRB-approved research in which we saw an improvement in over 90% of the subjects. When war veterans experiencing PTSD and despondency were given ketamine treatment, their PTSD scores (PCL-5) improved by over half by and large.

During a treatment session, you can expect the following:

  • The gold standard of ketamine therapy, IM ketamine treatments, is provided by Klarisana (intramuscular). As a result, instead of infusions, all of your ketamine treatments will be administered by IM procedures.
  • For your treatment, you will be in a private room where you may rest.
  • For most patients, ketamine treatments may be a genuinely calming experience.