Everything you need to know about Valorant’s competitive mode

Valorant is a game that requires some learning, we could say that it is quite demanding with the players, hence it has a practical and non-competitive mode. Practice mode is perfect for testing agents and their skills. As for the non-competitive mode, here things get more serious, you face players in team games 5 vs 5. Get success in Valorant competitive mode through Valorant boosting.

In non-competitive mode you learn to play, it is also very useful to know all the maps and what are the best positions, either to defend or to attack. Let’s say that it is the previous step to leap to competitive mode, a much more demanding game mode where it is advisable to have a certain level if you want to aspire to something. If you are new to Valorant and are not sure how this mode works, today you will know all the details.

How to enter the competitive mode

Right off the bat, competitive mode isn’t available, let’s say you have to unlock it. To access the competitive mode, you have to play 20 normal games. It does not matter if you win or lose. Once you have played 20 games you will have access.

Ranks, divisions, and how to climb

In Valorant, as in other competitive games, there are ranks. However, here each rank has three divisions: iron (_01, _02 and _03), bronze (_01, _02 and _03), silver (_01, _02 and _03), gold (_01, _02 and _03), platinum (_01, _02 and _03), diamond (_01, _02 and _03), immortal (_01, _02 and _03) and Valorant (it only has one division). To know your rank, you have to complete 5 positioning games, so the system can determine your rank.

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To climb the ranks quickly, your thing is to win as many games as possible. Now, it is not essential to win. Even if your team loses, if you did a good job during the game, you will benefit. So, the number of murders, deaths, and casualties must favor you. Besides, the system also takes into account if the game has been very close. To see your progression, you have to click on the dates in the lower right corner of the range icon.Climb quickly inValorant competitive mode through Valorant boosting.

At this point, you may be wondering if you can drop in rank by not playing. Well, if you stop playing competitive games for 14 days your ranking will not be visible, but you will not lower your rank. Once you play competitive games again, your rank will be visible again.

Play with friends

Valorant allows you to play competitive games with your friends. You can form a team of up to 5 players. Of course, in the team, there can only be players who have at most two ranges of difference, which amounts to 6 divisions. Remember, each rank has 3 divisions.