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    Travel insurance is considered as expense\investment

    Are you a regular traveller? Most of the travellers do not give value to the travel insurance. Most of them consider it to be an unwanted expense for a travel. Having travel insurance is always a benefit when you face any unexpected situation in different country. For the expat in the Singapore it very necessary to have annual travel insurance Singapore. It is very common for expats to travel to south Asia and most of the medical insurance plan will not insure for anything outside the Singapore. The expat insurance company from Singapore provide very robust annual travel insurance.

    Benefits of having travel insurance with you

    Baggage damage: You all very well know most of the times how are the luggage is handled at the airport. Many times we have seen that they just through the luggage. Once you get down at your destination and after collecting your luggage you will notice that the wheels of the luggage or the holder is damaged. It will be difficult to complete the trip with such baggage as you will not be comfortable to move around the places with such damaged bag. If you have the travel insurance then you can go for repair and the complete compensation will be provided and you can also enjoy your trip without any inconvenience.

    Medical claim: Even though all of us always pray and expect that our trip should go peacefully and safely. Still we cannot anticipate what will happen at next moment. If by any chance you get sick or injure yourself then the travel insurance which can be taken for single trip or annual travel insurance will save you all the amount which you will spend going around and visiting doctors for your treatment. The insurance company have a time period in which you need to claim your amount.

    Delay, cancellation or postpone: You might face ant of the three situation that is delay of fight for few hours, cancellation of flight or postpone in all the conditions the travel insurance company pay you little amount. As each company has different policies related to the travel insurance do be careful while you’re reading the documents and understand them clearly.

    Fun and Thrilled activities: Weather you are sightseeing, enjoying the thrilled activities like scuba diving, skiing or bungee jump. If you have travel insurance you can enjoy all these without any tension.

    The expat insurance company assures that you will be completed protected in all crisis situation when you are in different country. If you’re looking to get some advice on the annual travel insurance then you can talk to the experts who can help you out by clarifying your doubts.

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    4 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin Easily

    We all know that Bitcoin is a most popular and highly valuable crypto currency today, and everyone of us wants to get it free. There’re many different various ways you can earn free bitcoin. There’re many companies & shopping sites that provide chance to earn free bitcoins. But, majority of them do this via affiliate marketing and company give away these coins from the profits. You just have to make sure you choose the legitimate site that offers you genuine bitcoin. There are some sites that assign you different tasks, and once you complete those tasks, you get rewards as the bitcoins.

    Free bitcoin

    1. Bitcoins can be accepted as the mode of payment: The easy ways a person can get free Bitcoins is accepting Bitcoins as the mode of payment. Suppose a person sells any goods or services and has the small business, then they will integrate this payment method quickly and easily.
    2. Affiliate programs: It is probably one simple way of getting free Bitcoin, which is worthwhile. The affiliate programs can be used in all industries, which include crypto currency. For instance, you may refer any friend to the service and both of you can get the discount and get rewards points or BTC. Whenever you get free money or discounts, it is worth to sign up for the service through the affiliate link rather than signing up directly.
    3. Completing Micro tasks: It is yet another easy way to get bitcoins fast just by investing a little time. You just have to do small tasks & get small fractions of bitcoin for your time that you have spent. There’re a lot of websites that will allow you earn free BTC in exchange for completing different tasks. These tasks you need to do varies from one website to another, and some tasks are filling survey forms or watching videos and latest method to get free Bitcoin is testing apps on your smartphones or tablets.
    4. Consider becoming the crypto trader: The fastest and easiest but can be a bit risky way to earn money with BTC is trading it. Generally, you are buying BTC when its price is low & sell it when price increases. But, successfully trading Bitcoin isn’t the matter of luck and guesswork. The profitable traders spend a lot of their time learning to trade and overcome various risks that are involved with trading. The successful traders are aware that they may lose out money in a short term however they look it as one kind of investment in their learning, as they’re aiming for a long term trading.